EUREGIO: The construction of a global IO database with regional detail for Europe for 2000-2010

Mark Thissen, Maureen Lankhuizen, Frank van Oort, Bart Los, Dario Diodato (2018), Tinbergen Institute Discussion Paper TI 2018-084/VI

This paper introduces the EUREGIO database: the first time-series (annual, 2000-2010) of global IO tables with regional detail for the entire large trading bloc of the European Union. The construction of this database, which allows for regional analysis at the level of so-called NUTS2 regions, is presented in detail for its methodology and applications. The tables merge data from WIOD (the 2013 release) with, regional economic accounts, and interregional trade estimates developed by PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency, complemented with survey-based regional input-output data for a limited number of countries.